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Scar and Oedema Management


Whether your scarring comes from burn wounds or from injury/surgery, your therapist will be able to assist you with the management thereof. When scar management is started timeously, scars will be guided to mature in more aesthetical and function enabling ways. 

Pressure garments are fabricated from a two-way stretch material, which allows for constant pressure to be applied over the area of the scar. Pressure therapy assists in the breakdown of scar tissue and guides your body on how to lay new scar tissue down - in patterns that allow for movement to occur, as well as preventing or treating hypertrophic scars. 

Scar massaging techniques are used and taught to individuals, when these are necessary. 

Silicone gel sheets are necessary at times to keep scars moist, to soften them and thus speed up the healing process. Silicone is used with other therapies, not just by itself. 

Oedema and lymphoedema

Oedema refers to swelling caused by injury or even without injury. If swelling does not subside naturally, your body requires assistance through compression, massaging, or movement. 

  • Oedema management can include pressure garment material, self-massage techniques and guided movement programmes. 

Lymphoedema is caused by inadequate function lymph reabsorption by the lymphatic system.

  • Lymphoedema management requires medically graded compression garments,  exercise programmes, dietary assessments, self-lymph drainage techniques, as well as possibly manual oedema massage techniques. 

Pressure garment glove
Pressure garment glove
Pressure garment glove
Pressure garment glove
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