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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational engagement
Return to work

Occupational Therapists function as the link between the medical world and the world of work - regarding how to return to work and in what capacity.

Therapy during vocational rehabilitation consist of different aspects:

  • Engaging in simulated work tasks during therapy to reintegrate back into work tasks optimally and safely.

  • Following a programme of gradual return to work that is specific to each individual. 

  • Liaising with an individual's employer to negotiate reasonable accommodation at work - line with the Labour Relations and Employee Equity acts

  • Adapting or altering a person's work environment to enable them to carry out their duties efficiently.

Who qualifies for Vocational Rehabilitation?

  • Private/medical aid cases

  • Injury On Duty (IOD) cases

  • Physical vocational rehabilitation

  • Psychiatric vocational rehabilitation

These services may include work-site visits, therapy at the practice, as well as therapy at the location of a person's work. 

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