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Home-Based Therapy

Home Visits:

When an Occupational Therapist comes to you for therapy, at your place of residence if you cannot come to us. 

We will bring along the necessary tools/equipment to provide the therapy in the comfort of your home. 

Ask for a home visit if you need:

  • Upper limb/hand function rehabilitation 

  • Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident) rehabilitation 

  • Amputation rehabilitation 

  • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation 

  • Home modifications/environmental adaptations 

  • Old age/retirement village visits

  • General disability home therapy

Home visits
Home visits

Disability Disc Assessments

Occupational Therapists are qualified to assess and advise whether a person is suitable for a disability disc or not. 

If you require an assessment, contact us for an appointment. 

Bring with: 

Disability in Adults and Children

Occupational Therapy stretches across all aspects of life, so here are some more aspects of life where we enable clients.

You would benefit from Occupational Therapy if you have needs in these areas:

  • Intellectual disability work placements

  • Wheelchair assessments and procurement or advise

  • Require assistive devices for daily living

  • Dementia (Neurocognitive Disorders) screenings and functional recommendations for enabling daily living as independently as possible

  • Psychiatric diagnoses where individual sessions are arranged - either at the practice or at  the person's home. 

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